A Boy from Mojon

Princess Elergen is in a bind! A talking frog will not leave her alone when she lets him tag along for bringing back her golden ball. But when he is near, the princess’ eyes water, and her nose gets itchy!

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“Si Kier” Wins the 17th Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Award in the Children’s Category

Mark Norman Boquiren’s storybook, “Si Kier at ang Kaniyang Madyik Istiker,” clinched first prize in the 17th Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards, Children’s Category during the awarding ceremonies at the Manila International Book Fair on September 15, 2023. The award-winning book, illustrated by Ivan Reverente and published in 2022 by Brille Petit Imprint, was chosen…

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Bata Pa Rin Ako

Bata Pa Rin Ako Maliit na bata si Jonel. Hindi pa niya kayang abutin ang lababo, ang kalan, at ang saraduhang kawit sa pinto. Pati nga ang mesa nila, hindi pa talaga niya maabot. Pero kahit marami siyang di kayang abutin, marami naman siyang kayang gawin.“Malaki na” nga ba si Jonel? Recommended for ages 7-10

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Teacher Vicky 2nd Ed.

Teacher Vicky, 2nd Edition Teacher Vicky is the true-to-life story of Victoria Bonanza A. Coralejo, and how her hard work, perseverance, and passion for teaching have enabled her to fulfill her life’s work as an educator. She has been blessed, and in turn, continues to bless everyone around her through the fulfillment of her mission: sapientia…

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A Week of Ties

From Monday to Friday, Charlie’s dad wears different kinds of ties. And they make Charlie feel everything but happy! But Dad always ends the weekend with Charlie’s favorite kinds of ties.

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